Product: Assassin's Creed
Company: Ubisoft
Authour: Alex 'Morgoth Bauglir' Voicu
Editor: Charles 'Lupine' Oliver
Date: April 29th, 2008
Screenshots & Conclusion

The next pictures aren't going to include a comparison photo, simply because there was enough variation between them to make it irrelevant. Keep your eyes wide open, and establish if you're being "shafted" by using the 10.1 path - if so, running it should be avoided in order to keep the quality of the experience as elevated as possible. If that is not the case though, enjoy it!

DX10 shot
DX10 - 4.7MB 1920x1200
DX10.1 shot
DX10.1 - 4.7MB 1920x1200
DX10 shot
DX10 - 3.5MB 1920x1200
DX10.1 shot
DX10.1 - 3.4MB 1920x1200
DX10 shot
DX10 - 3.2MB 1920x1200
DX10.1 shot
DX10.1 - 3.6MB 1920x1200
DX10 shot
DX10 - 4MB 1920x1200
DX10.1 shot
DX10 - 3.7MB 1920x1200


Did we find the glitches that everyone has been talking about when making reference to the 10.1 path? In a way - we do have that missing dust that qualifies for that category, albeit we don't know yet if it's simply a driver bug or something wrong with the pathway itself. Other than that, there's the more intense lighting, but that actually seems to show that there's a bug with the DX10 pathway, given the fact that DX9 has the same, more intense, lighting as 10.1, and UBi said that 9 and 10 (and by extension 10.1) should be nearly identical visually (shadowing is different between versions).

The good news is that the dust-bug affects only a few scenarios and that, after testing with a run through Acre that avoids any areas which include the troublesome dust, we've determined that the performance benefits associated with 10.1 remain: it wasn't a case of the missing effect causing the performance improvements. This means that you can  safely enjoy running your game through the DX10.1 pathway without fear that you're getting worse IQ (you'll be missing some dust, at least for now).  More importantly, perhaps, the dust-bug fix should be trivial to implement - perhaps UBi, in light of recent interest with regards to the 10.1 path, will opt for fixing it right away as opposed to disabling the pathway just to re-enable it at some later undetermined point in time. From our perspective, this would certainly make the most sense. Rest assured that all further info on the topic will be presented as it becomes available to us.

Note: As we were preparing to publish, ATi released a new driver set aimed at improving 3DMark Vantage performance. What isn't mentioned is that these drivers also add official Crossfire support for AC whilst fixing the issue with application-controlled AF, giving us reason to believe that further improvements are bound to be included in future driver releases.

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