Product: ATI Catalyst 10.7
Company: AMD
Authour: Dave Bandy, James Prior
Editor: Charles Oliver
Date: July 26th, 2010
ATI Catalyst 10.7 Driver Investigation

Welcome to Rage3D and our new feature - Catalyst Driver investigations. In this article, we will look at performance improvements, new features, and general usability in today's new Catalyst 10.7 release - which also offers some major improvements for Eyefinity:

Highlights of the ATI Catalyst 10.7 - Windows Release:

ATI Eyefinity Technology - Enhancements for HydraVision:

  • Maximizing a window across multiple displays will now take user defined bezel compensation into account
  • Automatically adjusts window position when dragging and dropping windows to ensure title bar visibility
  • Proper dialog box placement - dialogs do not cross displays, are not hidden behind bezels, and can be designated to be shown on the users 'preferred' display

ATI CrossFireX Technology - support for rotated displays:

  • This release of ATI Catalyst enables end users running supported ATI CrossFireX configurations to rotate their displays (single or ATI Eyefinity display configurations) and still enjoy the performance benefits of ATI CrossFireX technology

Highlights of the ATI Catalyst 10.7 - Linux Release:

  • ATI Catalyst driver for Linux 10.7 provides support for ATI Eyefinity technology under all supported Linux distributions
  • This release of ATI Catalyst driver for Linux introduces support for Ubuntu 10.04 production.

Catalyst 10.7 Preview Drivers
Catalyst 10.7 Preview Drivers

AMD's Catalyst Driver Release Schedule

At this point we would like to note something about AMD's Catalyst Driver release schedule. AMD has committed to at least 12 WHQL certified driver releases as year, and the driver numbering system, at first glance, appears to indicate when the driver is released. This is partially correct - the first numeral is indeed the year of release. However, the second numeral (after the period) indicates the release number and not the month. For example, in some years there have been 13 releases - and obviously there are not 13 months in the Gregorian calendar. While AMD have managed to release a WHQL driver every month for a long, long time, there is nothing to stop them releasing 10.12 in November, if 10.11 is already out. Hotfix and preview drivers are indicated as such, usually appended with an 'a' or 'b' suffix to denote their official-but-not-final status.

Test Configuration

Test Configuration
Test Configuration

ATi CrossFire-X
ATi CrossFire-X
Using our test system described above, we compare the performance of ATI Catalyst 10.6 with today's new Catalyst 10.7 release. We're also going to investigate a new tool on the ATI enthusiast radar - RadeonPRO.  Is this the panacea for ATI application profile woes?

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