Product: Windows 7 GPU Performance
Authour: Alex 'AlexV' Voicu
Editor: Charles 'Lupine' Oliver
Date: March 24th, 2009
Wrap Up

Some more low-hanging fruits and a conclusion of sorts

Another aspect that was intriguing was seeing how OpenGL fared, since with earlier Win 7 preview drivers from ATI it was more or less a no go. For that, we picked up the now infamous FurMark test, version 1.6.5 - we're lucky to report that nothing exploded under the huge load (yes, the executable was renamed) and that OGL performance was identical between Vista and Win 7, at least in this test. Your Quakes and Dooms are safe, it would appear. The same applies to nV, by the way.

We also checked HD-video decode acceleration, since this is something of a biggie nowadays, with everyone shooting rays of blu. Using Media Player Classic Home Cinema Edition, we checked for both H264 and VC-1 decode assistance and ... hold your breath ... it was there, without any fuss (we used MPC since it's decoder leverages DXVA and it's also easy to check if it's working or not). Your HD collection (containing mainly educational videos, of course) is in no immediate peril, it would appear.

Since these were the low-hanging fruits, that means it's time for some preliminary conclusions. In short, if Win 7 were to launch tomorrow, we dare say you could jump right into it without any worries. It was also nice to see ATI being on the ball and releasing their first official Win 7 driver so early whilst, at the same time, we found nV's preview build to be quite good. All in all, irrespective of who's servicing your PCIE slot, you should not fear that its pants will be firmly around its ankles when Microsoft releases its latest creation.

We're working towards getting a shot at interviewing Andrew Dodd, ATI driver guru, because during this testing spree we picked up a number of interesting questions that we'd like answered, so stay tuned for that chat (and Deneb ... must not forget the Deneb review!).

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