Product: Cinema 2.0
Company: ATI Technologies
Authour: Eric 'Ichneumon' Amidon
Editor: Charles 'Lupine' Oliver
Date: June 23rd, 2008
ATi's Cinema 2.0 Framework

Last week Rage3D attended the AMD Cinema 2.0 launch event in San Francisco, CA. As envisioned by AMD, Cinema 2.0 joins the interactive nature of 3D gaming with the visual fidelity of Film through the power of 3D graphics technology. This vision is expressed through a framework of tools, software, support, and capabilities AMD is committed to support. Bringing today to films, studios, games, and audiences experiences that had been projected to be years away.

What is Cinema 2.0?

AMD’s vision for Cinema 2.0 binds three key areas into a framework which will deliver Cinema 2.0: Film, Games, and Hardware:

  • Cinema 2.0 embraces the Movie industry, working with production and development studios, and the industries that surround them, to bring real-time visualization to directors and FX teams. It is assisting in the development of tools and techologies to help the studios reach their audiences quicker and across more platforms, with more interactivity to maximize their impact.

  • The software and gaming industries are the second vital area in AMD's Cinema 2.0 vision, with AMD working with software and game developers to get the most out of new graphics technologies just becoming available. Cinema 2.0 provides tools that support the developers with the goal of bringing the fidelity of movies to the interactive worlds available in games.  Cinema 2.0 also brings that power to graphics software and embracing GPGPU (General Purpose GPU) applications which can reach new heights with the new generation of graphics that are coming.

  • The final piece in the Cinema 2.0 puzzle is to deliver processing hardware with incredible power, flexibility, and scalability to solve computing problems across industries.  Whether that be bringing interactivity to films, more fidelity to games, or impressive computing power to software.

AMD is clearly excited about what living in a Cinema 2.0 world will be like for creators and audiences alike. Lets get the ball rolling with a look at how AMD and the Film Industry envisions taking advantage of Cinema 2.0.

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