Alan Wake's American Nightmare PC Technical Review

Product: Alan Wake's American Nightmare PC
Company: Remedy Entertainment, Ltd.
Author: Sean Ridgeley
Editor: Charles Oliver
Date: May 21st, 2012

Other features, DRM, conclusion

Other options

Keyboard controls are fully configurable, Xbox 360 controller support is plug and play, volume controls are available for music, effects, speech, and cinematics, and both vertical and horizontal sensitivity are supported. One noteworthy addition over Wake is Direct Aiming, intended for 'more hardcore PC gamers', though to be honest I couldn't notice a difference with it on my G400 your results may vary.

Extra features

Power users can again benefit from 3D, Crossfire, SLI, and multi-monitor setups, here.

Though technically a graphics option, the ability to turn off the HUD makes such a difference to immersion and gameplay, it's worth noting as its own feature. As before, necessary HUD elements will still show up from time to time, so you'll know how to proceed. The idea here is you're relying almost entirely on your own wits and senses to survive, and it works remarkably well, to the point where switching the HUD on can feel like cheating in comparison.

Nightmare difficulty is available from the get go. Specifics aren't offered on what's in store with this, but presumably it's what was seen with the previous game: a greater challenge, and a little extra content.


If you buy from, there's absolutely no DRM involved; buying from Steam will of course require you to use Steamworks and be at the whim of its offline mode when necessary (booting the game from the exe will force Steam to boot, unlike with some titles), but that appears to be it.


As a console port, Alan Wake's American Nightmare matches its predecessor in technical quality and features, and even exceeds it in a few ways. Unfortunately, it also inherits its somewhat imperfect performance. Were it not for the occasionally poorly rendered texture, Nightmare could easily pass itself off as a PC only title, albeit not all it was originally planned to be. With that and the $15 asking price, it's well worth the look.