Darksiders 2 PC Technical Review

Product: Darksiders 2
Author: Sean Ridgeley
Editor: Eric Amidon
Date: August 16th, 2012

User interface, extra features, DRM, conclusion

User interface

Many menus feel just fine here on PC, but these tend to be the ones with a short list anything long like key bindings, leaderboards, and so on is obviously intended for a controller as only a few elements are visible at a time, and you can't scroll through with the mouse wheel, making navigation tedious. Additionally, many functions like exiting a menu, for example -- can only be accessed with keys and not the mouse.

The in-game HUD is mostly well-done, though needs a little shrinking and positional tweaking, particularly with regards to loot info display, which is excessively large.

Extra features, DRM

About equally interesting and annoying, Darksiders 2 supports THQ Community accounts, meaning you can sign up to yet another service for exclusive DLC, walkthroughs, videos, developer commentary, giveaways, and other stuff. I say annoying primarily because the game prompts you to sign up every time you load it regardless of whether or not you're interested.

The game is Steamworks enabled, meaning you get subtle DRM, achievements, leaderboards, cloud save support, and stats, for those interested.


Darksiders 2 undoubtedly feels more at home on consoles, though mainly due to control and UI issues, most of which could be relatively easily fixed and I hear may be soon. In terms of graphics and performance, however, Vigil have done a fine job (the odd texture aside).

The game finds itself in the middle of the road in that if you really want it and don't have a console, you're best off playing it on PC where it's reasonably well-done as opposed to putting up the dough for a 360 or PS3. If you do have a console, though, you'd do somewhat better to play it there, at least for now while possible PC patches are pending.