Divinity 2 Developer's Cut Cheat Menu Guide

Product: Divinity 2 Developer's Cut
Company: Larian Studios
Author: Sean Ridgeley
Editor: Eric Amidon
Date: January 2nd, 2013

Introduction, overview

The flawed but beloved RPG Divinity 2 originally released in 2009, and was later bested by a polished and fleshed out version dubbed Divinity 2: The Dragon Knight Saga. Just recently developer and publisher Larian Studios re-launched the game yet again in the form of Divinity 2: Developer's Cut, which brings everything Saga offered, and adds a cheat / console command menu, plus tons of behind the scenes documentation and art for the curious.

Today I'll be taking a direct look at the new menu and the fun it offers through various key commands. On a related note, be sure to check our Risen 2 Command Console Guide for similar content focused on another great RPG.

Some disclaimers before you try any of this at home: using the menu can break save games, cause crashes, and various other issues, so be sure to back up your saves beforehand (files are located in C:\Users\[User]\AppData\Local\Divinity 2\Savegames) and be prepared for instability. I experienced a few major bugs and crashes in my testing, some of which could be worked around. Also, kindly avoid using at least most of the cheats until you've beaten the game without them, so as to preserve the enjoyment as intended.

To access the menu, launch the .exe named Divinity 2 [Developer Mode] (search for it through the Start Menu if you don't see it anywhere), and hit F11 while in-game to get going. Unlike the traditional console command menu, this one enables cheats and various functions through a typical menu UI.