Dragon Commander PC Technical Preview

Company: Larian Studios
Author: Sean Ridgeley
Editor: Sean Ridgeley
Date: July 25th, 2013

Graphics, performance, controls, conclusion

Graphics options, visuals

Graphics options are plentiful, and include basics like Resolution and V-Sync to others like Texture Quality, Anti-Aliasing, Ambient Occlusion, and more, for a total of 15. Suffice it to say, for those who like to tweak and for those who have to due to lesser hardware, you won't be disappointed with what's on display here.

Visuals are reasonably strong overall: when chatting in first person to members of your crew, textures show themselves as rich, and characters are laden with carefully applied shadowing and ambient occlusion; during the hands-on strategy portion of the game, visuals are less impressive, relying more on good art design than technical prowess to keep you engaged.


Performance is very consistent, although limited: excepting one instance where I dropped to 30 and experienced major stuttering while talking to a crew member, the game stays at a constant 60 (unfortunately the maximum, at least for now).


PC enthusiasts should find themselves pretty satisfied with the technical aspects of Larian's latest come release time; the framerate cap is my only major complaint as of now.

Dragon Commander launches August 6.