Dying Light PC Technical Review

Company: Techland
Author: Sean Ridgeley
Editor: Sean Ridgeley
Date: January 28th, 2015

Graphics options and visuals, performance, controls and user interface, conclusion

Graphics options, visuals

Dying Light includes a very respectable 13 graphics options, among them V-Sync, Texture Quality, View Distance, Ambient Occlusion, NVIDIA HBAO+ and NVIDIA Depth of Field (which work even on AMD cards, for some reason), Motion Blur, AA, and the ever-important Field of View.

Visuals are an obvious selling point for this game, textures are very high resolution and very well-detailed, shadows and supporting effects AO add a lot of warmth and depth to most scenes, and facial rendering is pretty realistic. The only downsides are landscapes could be higher fidelity (the view distance is impressive, though), and occasional textures are very low resolution.


Framerate ranges from 60 to 110, and contrary to the norm, is higher on average in outdoor areas. Stuttering occurs and tearing occur occasionally, but neither are a real bother (and tearing can be eliminated with V-Sync, at the cost of a framerate cap, as ever). Many users are reporting performance issues, so I was surprised to see it running so smoothly for me. Just be aware this may be a card or vendor-dependent matter, and you may not have such luck until patches address it.

Controls and user interface

The mouse feels rather "floaty" in menus, but smooth and accurate in-game. Keys can be rebound as you see fit (even to extra mouse buttons, right and left Ctrl and Alt keys, and so on), but feel natural by default.

The interface is the game's weakest point, but still is far from terrible. While the HUD is perfectly optimized for high resolution monitors, the in-game menus feel like a middleground between a chunky console design and a responsive PC-oriented design. That is to say, they look somewhat gawdy, but you can see everything you need to (skill trees, mission info, etc), and don't need to do a ton of extra navigation (like in say, Dragon Age Inqusition).

Controllers are supported fully, for those interested.


Techland put hard work into making this a strong port, and it shows in all areas. The interface compromises a bit and the occasional rough texture hurt immersion some, but regardless, it does pretty much everything a PC port should do, and as such, is highly recommended.