Secret World Tweak Guide

Product: The Secret World
Company: Funcom
Author: Sean Ridgeley
Editor: Charles Oliver
Date: July 17th, 2012

Advanced graphics options, Pt. 1

View Distance

What you'd expect, this setting affects how far away objects in the distance are rendered.

A few random outliers aside, it can be concluded View Distance has no discernable impact on performance. As such, this should be set at the maximum value, barring extenuating circumstances.

World detail

This controls at which distance you notice NPCs, ground maps, and so on switch over to lower quality Level of Detail (LOD). If you're walking down a street and suddenly notice a car looks very ugly, you may have this setting too low.

As with View Distance, World Detail has no discernable impact on performance. In most if not all cases, keep this at the maximum value.

Texture Detail

This setting determines the resolution and quality of textures. The lowest setting is blatantly muddy and ugly; 1 shows the most dramatic contrast, offering a substantial minimum recommended setting; 3 sharpens the finer details of a scene. There is no notable difference in the screenshots between 3 and 4, however 4 does ever so slightly increase detail on small items like belts and pockets.

The benchmark shows no substantial performance hit between any of the settings, though if you really need the extra frames, sticking with 1 or 2 may help a little.

Vegetation Detail

This one affects what type of grass is rendered, if any, and at which distance it's rendered. It also controls whether or not physics are enabled on grass, and if foliage is affected by wind, for a little touch of immersion.

Results are understandably not entirely consistent, but enough so it can be said Vegetation Detail has no notable impact on performance. In most if not all cases, keep this at the maximum value.