Secret World Tweak Guide

Product: The Secret World
Company: Funcom
Author: Sean Ridgeley
Editor: Charles Oliver
Date: July 17th, 2012

Advanced graphics options, Pt. 2, conclusion

Lighting Detail

The lighting setting determines the configuration of lights and shadows. Disabled, you have a very dull looking universe; enabled on any level and it's easy to see why some say lighting is the single most substantial graphics setting. 1 offers the biggest jump; all levels beyond 1 add subtly deeper lighting and shadows to objects and areas in the distance.

The graph shows the level of contrast between each setting is proportional to its performance. Keep this setting at 4, unless you really need a lot of performance and don't mind sacrificing one of the most substantial factors in visual fidelity.

Effects detail

This determines the quality of particles, rain, and water. Just water was tested in this benchmark.

It can be observed this setting has little or no impact on performance, at least when near water. In battle or during stormy weather, you may want to drop this down a notch or two if you're performance starved.

Filtering Mode

If you're concerned with texture filtering quality and the quality of anisotropic filtering, this is what you want to fiddle with. Most won't be, though, since it has pretty well no impact on graphics either way.

As is typical, tweaking this setting shows no definitive hit to framerate.

Advanced Graphics Settings

This suite of options controls the presence and levels of Godrays, SSAO, and FXAA.

Little consistent difference can be observed between the first three settings; by no coincidence, little consistent difference can be observed between the first three benchmarks. Once you crank it up to 3, SSAO turns on; at 4 you get SSAO High and FXAA. Consistent with previous benchmarks, performance starts to drop majorly at these higher settings.


Tweaking The Secret World revolves around three major settings: Resolution, Tessellation, and SSAO. If you want to improve your performance, start by lowering or disabling Tessellation and SSAO; if you still need more frames after that, do the same with last resort options like Texture Detail, Lighting, and/or Resolution, as you prefer. As for the rest, you should be able to max it all out without worrying, unless you're running some especially technically challenged hardware.