Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes PC Technical Review

Company: Konami
Author: Sean Ridgeley
Editor: Sean Ridgeley
Date: December 18th, 2014

Controls and user interface, conclusion

Controls and user interface

Controls are extremely intuitive for the most part: WASD to move, right click mouse to aim, Shift to run, C to crouch, F for binoculars, etc. -- all what you'd expect. Should you want something different, they can be rebound to all manner of keys, although not to extra mouse buttons.

Camera controls are silky smooth. Related options include mouse sensitivity, auto aim, and seven camera options (for speed and more).

Unfortunately, it's not all good news: the mouse only works in menus if you highlight something with the arrow keys first, at which point you can left click to select it. Otherwise, it doesn't work at all. It also doesn't work during gameplay when you grab an enemy and are presented various options to choose from (kill, knock out, give order), which would be better than the awkward keyboard controls you're given.

The HUD is optimized for high resolution monitors, and all elements of it can be disabled as you see fit (and weapon info can be disabled contextually). The 'iDroid' menu which houses your map and objectives and such looks and feels very console-oriented, both in terms of sizing and navigation (it doesn't respond to the mouse), which is unfortunate, but it is usable.


This is effectively a very long demo, so it's up to you whether the $19.99 price tag is worth that (although Steam currently has it on sale). I can say the cutscenes and gameplay are highly entertaining (and this coming from someone that usually hates cutscenes), and on a technical level, it's solid (no pun intended). Particularly if you appreciate great visuals and/or are a rabid Metal Gear fan, consider picking it up while you wait for Phantom Pain. The downsides are a 60fps cap and a lack of mouse controls in some areas, but I wouldn't let those dissuade you from what is otherwise a very strong port.