Mortal Kombat PC Technical Review

Company: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Author: Sean Ridgeley
Editor: Sean Ridgeley
Date: July 11th, 2013

Controls, UI, extras and multiplayer, conclusion


Mortal Kombat supports keyboard, Xbox controller, and the MK Tournament Edition Fight Stick setups.

Using the Xbox controller, the game is expectedly easy to get into; it won't be long before you're pulling off combos and special moves regularly.

The keyboard configuration is strange, to say the least, but even if you customize it (you can), most find keyboards much more difficult to use in fighters than a gamepad (as was the case with Street Fighter 4).

All keys and buttons can be customized with presets or individually as you please.

User interface

As a fighter, there's not much interfacing to be done here, but the menus are well-optimized enough (excepting the move list, which is kind of a pain to scroll through), buttons and keys are represented appropriately on screen, and everything responds more or less as you'd expect.

Extras, multiplayer

The PC version includes all DLC from the console versions (extra characters, skins, and Fatalities), and supports Steamworks features like cloud saving and Big Picture support, the latter of which is an especially nice touch, as fighters are best played on a TV with friends.

As for multiplayer, the population appears to be largely offline, and joining or hosting games without using the lobby feature never seems to work; with it, you can get in a few games with some persistence. Once you do, there's a bit of lag, but nothing extreme.


Mortal Kombat is a near perfect port to PC, supporting very high resolutions, TV setups, and all manner of input devices, and packing (mostly) great quality visuals, with some needed graphics options and very strong and consistent performance to boot. Suffice it to say, High Volage has surprised me.

Multiplayer is somewhat lacking in accessibility, but it's certainly an option if you're determined enough to get in time with it.

All in all, I strongly recommend the game to PC players, particularly if you grew up with the originals and are looking to remember what made this series so great in the first place, cause it's all still here, just with a major visual upgrade.