Payday 2 PC Technical Review

Company: 505 Games
Author: Sean Ridgeley
Editor: Sean Ridgeley
Date: August 15th, 2013

Controls, UI, extras, conclusion


Controls are where Payday 2 gets full marks. Moving, aiming, and bindings all feel pretty natural and smooth by default, but each can be adjusted fully if desired.

There are options for both look and aiming sensitivity with another option to enable separate responsiveness setting while aiming, one for inverting Y-Axis, and more for toggling/not toggling aim, run, and crouch.

User interface

This is where Payday 2 falters quite a bit. While the interfact is fully functional on PC, it often doesn't function particularly well. Mouse precision in menus feels a bit off, customizing loadouts is a confusing, messy nightmare, and there are too many “hold the ___ key to perform ____ action” triggers (some, like lockpicking, you could make a case for, but many are completely unnecessary and feel console inherited).

On the upside, for the most part, menus are well-sized for high resolution monitors, and keys are labeled appropriately in-game.


While it suffers a little in each area (and a lot in the case of the UI), Payday 2 does have a lot going for it: pretty strong visuals, a reasonable amount of graphics options, very consistent performance, and about all the control options anyone could want. Oh, and a $30 price tag.

The game is available now on Steam.