Risen 2 PC Command Console Guide

Product: Risen 2 Dark Waters PC
Company: Deep Silver
Author: Sean Ridgeley
Editor: Charles Oliver
Date: May 25th, 2012

Introduction, instructions

If you're the tinkering type or just like the idea of seeing 20 Earth Titans knock over drunkards and have a copy of the excellent pirate RPG Risen 2 on PC, I have a treat for you. The command to access the game's console has been uncovered, and with that, a full list of commands you can use to fiddle with the game world.

Before I get into it, I'd like to note some of these are cheats; if you want to use cheats, do so only after beating the game, lest you ruin the enjoyment for yourself, or specifically so you can summon said Titans (or other monster types) and stay alive for increased hilarity. Also, back up your saves before trying any of this, just to be safe (located in C:\Users\[user]\Saved Games\Risen2\SaveGames).

Right, then. Here's how to access the Risen 2 command console: quickly type pommes (no italics) while in-game (you may have to try a few times). At this point you should see the words "test mode activated" appear on screen. Now hit the ~ key (or if you're not on a US keyboard, it should be another key below the Esc key). Now you are in the command console. To deactivate the console, type pommes again.

To access the full list of commands you can use, type list and hit Enter, or simply go here for the full list. What you'll see on the next page is a bunch which should prove fun and/or useful.

Note some will require variables to go with them. If you enter spawn for example, you'll need to tell the console what to spawn. Most variables can be toggled through by hitting the Tab key in place of the variable. So, type spawn, hit Space, then keep hitting Tab to scroll through the long list of NPCs, monsters, and items you can force to spawn on you. Once you're set on one, or if there is no variable needed, hit Enter to activate the command. Finally, commands are case sensitive, though hitting Tab will adjust the text accordingly (if you're lazy or ignorant).