Sleeping Dogs Tweak Guide

Product: Sleeping Dogs
Company: Square Enix, Eidos Interactive
Author: Sean Ridgeley
Editor: Eric Amidon
Date: August 22nd, 2012

Page 3 - Hi-res Textures, Shadows, World Density, Conclusion

High-Res Textures

This setting determines whether the High-Resolution Textures freely downloadable through the Steam store are enabled, increasing the fidelity of various surfaces. In the comparison above, you can see most parts of the railing are much more detailed with the High-Res setting on, as opposed to the blurry messes observed with it off.

As is expected of most things texture related, the performance impact here is non-existent. As such, it's well worth the download if you weren't sure.

Shadow Filtering

This one is said to affect the quality of shadows, though no noticeable change can be seen in the screens here.

Results show no definitive performance impact. Keep this setting at High.

Shadow Resolution

As you'd think, this setting determines the resolution and hence visual fidelity of shadows. No real change can be seen between Medium and High, but there is a major one between Off and Medium. Turned off, Shadows are stripped to the bare minimum and lose almost all depth, completely altering the mood of the scene.

Results are peculiar, showing real difference only in the maximum framerates. As these are of least concern, it's best to keep this setting at Medium or High, depending on your hardware.

World Density

Depending what you have this set at, the world will be more or less detailed and populated, at least in theory. As with motion blur, no notable differences could be observed here, visually or performance-wise. As such, keep this setting at the maximum unless you notice significant drops in framerate from it during actual gameplay.


Tweaking Sleeping Dogs revolves mainly around the AA and SSAO settings, though those on really low-end setups should pay attention to Resolution and Shadow Resolution as well. And for those who want to explore a little further, tinkering with Motion Blur and World Density may provide small gains.