Sniper Elite V2: Supersampling, Contact Shadows, and Compute Shaders

Product: Sniper Elite
Company: Rebellion
Author: Sean Ridgeley
Editor: Eric Amidon
Date: July 21st, 2012

Advanced Shadows, Compute Shaders

Advanced Shadows

These enable Contact Hardening Shadows when using a DirectX 11 GPU, so shadows appear softer at their farthest away point, and sharper at their closest point, as in real life. This setting is not well-suited to screenshots from a moving benchmark, so just performance results are below.

This setting appears to have no impact on performance. Unless you notice unexpected drops, keep this setting at High.

Compute Shaders

Compute Shader allows programmers to code more efficiently, generally resulting in better image quality through various techniques, and improved performance. In the case of Sniper Elite V2, it affords more aggressive options for Depth of Field (blurred background) and HDR Bloom (broader lights), for those with DirectX 11 video cards.

Compute Shader has been known to improve overall performance, but in this case it's decreased significantly, and proves about as harsh as the mighty Supersampling. On the bright side, you may very well prefer the less aggressive form of Depth of Field, and the Bloom effect is certainly a luxury (you can see it in the stronger light coming off the left window in the image above).