Snow PC Technical Preview

Company: Poppermost Productions
Author: Sean Ridgeley
Editor: Sean Ridgeley
Date: May 30th, 2014

Graphics options, visuals, performance, controls, conclusion

Graphics options, visuals, performance, controls

Graphics options include the basics, as well as Graphics Quality, V-Sync, “Ski Effects”, Motion Blur, and various types of AA, including my personal favourite SMAA.

Visually, the game is very striking: character and outfit textures are of very high resolution, shadows from trees and mountains are rich and detailed, and snow particles add some realism to high speed skiing.

On the other end of things, some rock and ground textures and seemingly all clouds are of very low resolution, which can be distracting, but isn't anything too serious in the big picture.

Framerate usually ranges from 75-90. Stuttering is subtle but definitely moderate; before updating to Catalyst 14.6 beta, it was much more pronounced, so between developer optimizations and AMD driver optimizations, it should only get better as the game gets closer to release, and possibly thereafter.

Controlling your character with WASD is relatively easy: it feels much like the Tony Hawk series except less forgiving while trying to land tricks. The camera is controlled with the mouse, and doesn't feel sensitive enough; mouse sensitivity will presumably be an option later on (currently the 'Controls' options menu is greyed out).


Snow is showing a lot of promise for its early stage; there are definitely kinks to be worked out, but if Poppermost delivers, this could be a gem for winter sports fans come release time. If you want to try it out early, head here.