Titanfall Beta PC Technical Preview

Company: EA
Author: Sean Ridgeley
Editor: Sean Ridgeley
Date: February 19th, 2014

Graphics options, visuals, performance, controls, conclusion

Graphics options, visuals, performance

A variety of useful graphics options are included in Titanfall. Among them: anti-aliasing, V-Sync, Field of View, Texture Resolution, and many more. Most PC fans will not be disappointed with what's on offer.

Visually, this isn't Battlefield 4, but it's not a terrible looking game, either. Titanfall is built on the Source engine, and it shows in the training mission and pre-multiplayer battle sequences with strong textures and shadow effects, but unfortunately not nearly as much during actual battles.

With all settings maxed and Texture Resolution on High, the game easily maintains the 60 frames per second it's tragically limited to, with the odd stutter and drop; bumping the setting to Insane puts the game to a crawl. I can only hope Respawn removes the framerate cap by launch time, or soon thereafter.


Raw mouse input isn't in place here, which will frustrate some users. I would've liked more precise controls in this regard, although I didn't find it so much of a bother so as to influence my purchasing decision. On the positive side, key bindings and mouse sensitivity can be customized.


Titanfall isn't going to be the perfect PC version some fans want, but it should be close enough to well warrant a purchase, especially with the very fun, addictive gameplay.

The game launches March 11.