Product: Nvidia HybridPower™
Company: nVIDIA
Authour: ChrisRay
Editor: Charles 'Lupine' Oliver
Date: May 15th, 2008

We probably weren't alone in our first impressions of an SLI setup. Our first thought was "Wow! This is amazing performance", followed quickly by "Is it getting a little warm in here?". From this enthusiast point of view Hybrid SLI has been a long time coming. Anything to lower overall power and heat output is a blessing to the enthusiast. During long hot summers you'll be thankful that you can turn off your discreet GPUs.


  • Easily Toggled on and Off
  • Much lower power utilization in Hybrid Power mode
  • Strong Desktop IGP performance at low power cost
  • Minimal performance loss for running Hybrid SLI


  • No Intel Support yet. Coming at a later date
  • Requires 256 megs of system memory to operate
  • Only 9800GTX and 9800GX2 Support. However future High End GPUs from Nvidia should support Hybrid Power
  • Limited to 1920x1200 resolution. Nvidia claims future boards should support dual link DVI
  • No Support for Windows XP

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