Product: Catalyst Drivers
Company: ATI Technologies
Authour: Alex 'Morgoth Bauglir' Voicu
Editor: Charles 'Lupine' Oliver
Date: May 12th, 2008

With our single HD3870 card still in hiding (search parties are out), it's hard to evaluate the weights DX10 fixes and CF fixes hold in the noted performance improvements. What is certain is that we're dealing with a mix of the two.

What was sent out as something not that useful (synthetic benchmark hotfix, yuck), ended up being a pleasant surprise and, if Terry Makedon and his Catalyst team keep it up, many other good things are likely to arrive in the coming months, as there is always room for improvement. A first (major) improvement would be to employ more suggestive names for Hotfix releases, or at least hint at all of the improvements included in them, as opposed to what happened with the Vantage driver!

In wrapping up, this article exists for two reasons: the improvements offered by the Vantage Hotfix were certainly significant enough to be worth mentioning, and it also provides us the opportunity to clear something up with regards to our own work.

Generally speaking, we will reserve full driver reviews for releases that bring new and/or improved things to the table, so no monthly Rage3D Catalyst release reviews - unless each monthly release is as significant as this one (of which we certainly wouldn't complain!).

Our readers may remember that a Part III to the 3870X2 investigation was promised. Given the time that has passed since the writing of it, and based upon what the new drivers have shown us, we've elected to delay publishing it in order to redo the testing - this makes even more sense because Part 3 focuses on less commonly benchmarked games, and as such, games that are more sensitive to driver improvements. This had to be cleared up, lest you believe we had scrapped it.

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