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  1. A favor please, blue fonts instead of purple?
  2. Where did the "I replied to this thread" dot go?
  3. Look what I made. A sig pic...
  4. REQ: Get a better method of acquiring user IPs
  5. Thanks Rage 3D
  6. For My 100th Post...Thanks to Rage3d.
  7. Forum seem really slow today!
  9. Announcement
  10. Please allow more posts per page!
  11. marking forums "read" doesn't return you to that forum
  12. Midnight Rage: "I have posted in this thread" indicator not working
  13. HyperLinks in posts show up looking exactly the same as the body text.
  14. A Run-Time error has occured, do you wish to de-bug?
  15. What would you like to see in a moderated IRC chat
  16. Hyperlinks are dotted - default rage
  17. I dont know what the hec you did......
  18. site slow
  19. change my username plz
  20. Anti spoiler rule
  21. New SORT on LAST POST column in forums -can we have it in VIEW NEW POSTS Results too?
  22. "View New Posts" seems to be missing many posts
  23. Regarding the Poll on the homepage!
  24. Quick reply text boxes in default theme...
  25. You could leave the LINK color blue but the visited color BLACK if you wanted...
  26. Database problems?
  27. ESC Key
  28. Bad ad server : netshelter.adtrix.com
  29. Concerning Speed
  30. Front page: Private Message button
  31. Could I request a name change?
  32. posting issues still are unresolved
  33. Icon question
  34. ad
  35. Thanks for re-enabling that little "you've posted in this thread" dot.
  36. OK, these ads are really starting to scare me now
  37. Strange Database problems and site "stuttering"
  38. Search function disabled??
  39. Yay, the dots are back!
  40. Possible login problems
  41. Can I change my nick please?
  42. we need the use and individuality of avatars
  43. Why use javascript for clock on top?
  44. Main Page post regarding 2CPU Folding?
  45. Wow whats happened to Rage3d Server..:)
  46. Opinion on RAGE3d vs Other Forums.
  47. Does ATI.com link to Rage3D?
  48. How come you keep disabling SEARCH? Can't do NEW POSTS that way
  49. When Will They Kill This Forum (Rage Pro Support)
  50. Problem With The Email Notifications!!!
  51. New Rules Ideas
  52. Main page avatar won't update
  53. Name Change
  54. rage3d.gr site not working
  55. Who is the head administrator?
  56. No snow at Rage.com
  57. name change request PLEASE :)
  58. My user name.
  59. Radeon Drivers+Cat forum too crowded?
  60. The deals section is down?
  61. What's with the horrible message box width since the format "upgrades"?
  62. Why Can I not see the Profile button on ppls posts?
  63. Thread being blocked in the Radeon 9800, 9700, 9600 and 9500 Technical Support forum
  64. Name Change Request Please...
  65. quote feature not working correctly
  66. Please, oh please get rid of the netscape resize fix
  67. Why was ReForce link removed from this website?
  68. Linux forum more pages...
  69. mozilla firebird 0.7
  70. Cleanup on Isle R3D
  71. Front Page News: Our Folding Team will be passed tomorrow!
  72. IMAGEON section?
  73. Another name change request
  74. Name Change Request
  75. irc chat
  76. My real account is borked!
  77. New source of income for rage3d?
  78. Site performance is continuing to be very good
  79. Add Poll to install new Catalyst drivers
  80. Quick Reply Should Be Bigger
  81. Missing
  82. Ads causing pages to flash
  83. Driver tab on main page
  84. Small square box with a red x in it.
  85. Theme Change via Front Page
  86. Can I have a high up Admin or mod please contact me?
  87. "not read" indication dissappearing
  88. Transparency for Menus/Taskbar
  89. Smilies question
  90. Name Alteration Request
  91. Saving Options
  92. Upper case to Lower case ?
  93. Yet another name change request
  94. Poll Bars aren't working for me....I think?
  95. Athlon64 Windows64 ATI drivers
  96. A new forum category proposal.. Driver discussion.
  97. Default Posts per Thread...
  98. To all mods:
  99. wtf happened to my post
  100. Please implement a "Flame Warzone" subforum (a la DriverHeaven)
  101. The hyper flashy-flashy ad SUX
  102. "Hells Kitchen" should have an apostrophe
  103. Mods: Anyway to....
  104. New smiley request
  105. Site still running great most of the time - Thanks
  106. Is the front page loading properly?? It isn't for me!!
  107. Frontpage User Control Panel
  108. why was I banned?
  109. Drivers button on the front page
  110. My new avatar
  111. At least censor ...
  112. is vBulletin cappable of doing this?
  113. Flaming Hell forum? It's gone.
  114. Avatar not showing up...
  115. The Mod's Thread Closing Spree....
  116. I'm a little confused about going around the swear filter
  117. Why?
  118. name change
  119. I'm not waiting for James Crivelown3d's response
  120. Do PMs get checked?
  121. Really slow for the past few days!
  122. question about a lirrle somthing
  123. I can only do 3 lines
  124. database for overclockers
  125. Offsite avatar linking?
  126. Can the old threads be archived into a database and removed from the currenyt R3D?
  127. dumb feature request...
  128. huge flaw found in rage3d board
  129. Request for Andrew275
  130. Kombatant, you still haven't reworded the rule about advertising.
  131. Ad screwing up forums
  132. They come for help guys.
  133. Is this suitable?
  134. Whats wrong with rage3d.
  135. Welcome to proxyconn.com
  136. what's with these horrible drop down ads that cover forum link buttons? pix inside
  137. Threads getting locked ?
  138. Will I ever be a mod?
  139. Why is "bastard" not ok?
  140. Is it normal...
  141. Most Used RAGE3D Theme
  142. There should be a new rule on the Catalyst driver forum.
  143. OMG! Where did the Non ATI Video Card Discussion...
  144. I can't get into Rage3D.com!
  145. What happened to the "worst way to die" thread?
  146. Wtf?
  147. WMD, Anti-bush, & Iraq threads
  148. My isp is blocking rage3d?
  149. Forum is loading very slowly
  150. Is this pic I made against forum rules?