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caveman-jim Feb 20, 2008 02:56 PM

General Software - Important Threads
This sticky contains links to Rage3D threads containing useful information, or frequently asked questions.

To submit a thread to be added to the list, post in this thread the Rage3D thread URL and category/description.

Portable Apps (Office, Browser, AntiVirus etc. to run from Mobile device [USB Flash etc.])
AVG Rescue CD/USB - Tools for system recovery
Freeware/Opensource Programs
Freeware Utilities for every imaginable purpose
The Best Freeware Programs available right now
Vista x64 - Really Useful Free Software
Cool freeware you probably haven't heard of
Download Photo's/more from webpages
XP/Vista 64-Bit - Patch x86 .exe's to allocate 4GB of virtual memory on x64 platforms
Copying large files (>4Gb) to USB Flash drives
Mozilla/Mozilla Firefox FAQ
Windows iSCSI target software
Securely Erase your Hard Drive / Prep for resale
Keyboard Shortcuts
Microsoft Shortcuts
Media Playback
Free legal Alternatives to WMP, QT, Realplayer without the bloat
How To: Use MediaCoder to convert AVI's to MPEG
Driver Removal
Show Hidden Devices not removed by uninstallers
Office & Productivity
Remove Instant Search prompting from Office Outlook 2007

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