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Eisberg Apr 30, 2021 10:08 PM


Originally Posted by SubCog (Post 1338283061)
Also, it seems that I have to turn on oculus link again each time in the desktop app. If I restart my computer, or restart the oculus app, it toggles it off.

Yup, that is what it does for me as well. I think that is on purpose, considering they have it turn off automatically if you leaving you computer running for 24 hours and didn't use airlink with in that 24 hour period.

Jet Black Apr 30, 2021 11:00 PM


Originally Posted by SirBaron (Post 1338283107)
I have the same one, it's not perfect but it's certainly better than stock.

I just wish the arms on the side holding it to the quest headset could be clicked in place so they don't slide.

Weird. Mine don't seem to slide around at all. It took a lot of effort to get them down as far as they could go, though.

SubCog May 3, 2021 01:59 PM

Finally hooked up my driving wheel. Playing Project Cars 3. Several thoughts on the experience:
  • VR racing is AMAZING, once I got everything right. Took me alot of fiddling around to get it right.

  • PC Racing games can't use the Oculus Touch controllers, which is stupid. There's a way to emulate a gamepad with Virtual Desktop, but I could never get the experience to run totally smooth over VD. Even in Potato-mode, my R580 struggles with this game.

  • Air Link seems to run much more smoothly than Virtual Desktop. Possibly because of SW, but I also think that Link is able to run at lower resolutions that VD, even in Potato mode... Really important to me since I'm running pretty GPU-bound with my R580. So I can run VD with the controller emulation, or Air Link with no controls.

  • I tried to hook up a bluetooth game controller to my Quest2, to try running over Air Link (I usually play VR in my sunroom, separate from the office that my computer is in.). I messed with it a bunch, but could never get the controller to sync properly.

  • Finally I just sat at my computer and played with the keyboard controls... of course then I decided to just use regular Link over USB. Actually the game ran much more smooth over usb Link anyway.

  • Then I just hooked up my driving wheel, since I'm at my desk anyway. Had to fiddle alot with them to get the pedals to work right, but finally got everything mapped properly.

  • Finally I got the game working, over usb Link, with proper driving controls. Game was still stuttering a bit. Somewhere between restarting my computer, fiddling with various Radeon settings, I got the game working mostly smooth.

  • I desperately need a GPU upgrade (like many other people these days). I still get performance stutters in some areas, even though I'm running low detail settings at very low resolutions. I can tell that the experience will be tremendously better with more GPU power.

  • Open-cockpit cars are AWESOME in VR. I'm been playing alot with the BAC Mono, which is so perfect it seems like it must have been designed specifically for VR driving games. You still get the sense that you're driving a car (not just a go-cart), but you can see ALL of the environment around you.

  • I've tried some closed-cockpit race cars with very narrow windows... It kindof sucks, 'cause 90% of what you see is the interior of the car. Who would ever want to play this way? Maybe if I was more of a car enthusiast it would make more sense to me.

  • I'm surprised at how little motion sickness there is. Even my wife played a couple rounds with no motion sickness. I kindof expected it to be a bit of a puke-fest.

  • Why are there no proper driving sims available natively on the Quest yet? Even with severely downgraded graphics, I think it would still be massively successful. Or even a PC driving sim that takes advantage of the touch controllers would be something. It feels like VR driving sims are still a bit hacky, rather than something that really belongs on a VR platform.

  • Next I need to get some proper flight controls so I can try VR flight sims.

Jet Black May 3, 2021 02:27 PM

Nice. I have to give this a try. I played some Project Cars 2 on my Quest 1, but found the display wasn't crisp enough to really enjoy it. Quest 2's display is so much better it must be easier to see the cars in the distance and read the dash.

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