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Valhalla Aug 27, 2001 07:44 PM

Crimson Skies
Hi all.

I just want to say thanks for the help in getting EAW and BOB to work, the latter working when I installed the 7115 drivers.

Now onto Crimson Skies! Ever since the earliest drivers, this game has been crashing to the desktop, whether I am playing an instant mission or a campaign.

Any ideas?

BoBVila Aug 27, 2001 08:21 PM

Works fine for me. Do you tweak it? If so, don't :P

AmanoJaku Aug 27, 2001 11:26 PM

I gotta ask... do you have a cracked version?

Valhalla Aug 28, 2001 09:17 AM

No, I have the retail version. With or without the patch applied, the game crashes to the desktop.

AmanoJaku Aug 28, 2001 01:20 PM

hmmm... Crimson skies is one of the few games I haven't had any trouble with... umera...

You never answered bobvilla, are you tweaking your card ?

Tommy2Thumbs Aug 28, 2001 01:47 PM

Crimson Skies was a bit 'choppy' on earlier drivers as i recall, but this did not lead to any crashes. The newer drivers run this game well and I (like the others) have no problems with it. Have you tried to reinstall it?

Valhalla Aug 29, 2001 05:41 PM

No I haven't tweaked my card, sorry for taking so long to reply to the previous post

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