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Android1 Feb 5, 2008 04:36 PM

One Million PlayStation 3 Users [email protected]
You can be part of next million, PS3-owning readers! Join Team 64 today!

Since last March, the PlayStation 3 has been one of the leading contributing technologies to the [email protected] effort.

Now, less than a year since release, more than one million users have taken part in Stanford University's [email protected] project. According to Sony, this equates to roughly 3,000 PS3 users registering for [email protected] per day or 2 new registered users every minute worldwide.

"Since partnering with SCEI, we have seen our research capabilities increase by leaps and bounds through the continued participation of [email protected] users," said Vijay Pande, Associate Professor of Chemistry at Stanford University and [email protected] project lead. "Now we have over one million PS3 users registered for [email protected], allowing us to address questions previously considered impossible to tackle computationally, with the goal of finding cures to some of the world's most life-threatening diseases. We are grateful for the extraordinary worldwide participation by PS3 and PC users around the globe."

Source: DailyTech

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