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pax Apr 6, 2021 12:10 PM

Funky design for GPU coolers:

I like the slanted look. Would allow for some neat front shroud design while opening up the HS to better airflow.


Gigabyte Has Found The Solution To The Horizontal vs. Vertical Mounting Debate

Vertically mounting a graphics card tends to be more aesthetically pleasing as it displays the fans as well as the front side of the card. Horizontal mounting is the tried and trusted way to mount a graphics card, but it isn't the most aesthetically pleasing if you aren't using a custom backplate. Horizontally mounted graphics cards show the usually plain backplate on the top and the more decorated front side with fans is facing downward. Vertical mounting is more aesthetically pleasing, but some cases don't have enough room so the fans end up having little airflow as the card gets placed too close to the side panel.
They would need to flip the pcb to get the fans on top. But maybe at that point thats all they need to do to avoid having always the backplate looking at you.

Nagorak Apr 6, 2021 06:34 PM

If they're going to have the cooler slanted it would make more sense to take advantage of that extra area with a larger heatsink. At least from that render it looks like it's mostly empty air inside with it blowing onto a standard flat heatsink. It just looks inefficient to me.

As far as looks, I don't know if it catches on, but there's no shame in trying something new.

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