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caveman-jim Dec 3, 2007 10:59 AM

General Hardware - Useful Threads of this Forum
The Rage3D General Hardware Forum Important Info/Links Sticky!

The purpose of this sticky is to provide easy access to commonly requested/viewed information. To submit an entry, please post in this thread the link(s) and subsection it is for. If it's an outside Rage3D link, please make a new thread with a summary, and post the link to that new thread here. This allows on-topic discussion outside of this thread.

Asking For build advice? Read this first! - TechReport's Summer of 2009 Recommended Builds
How To Build A PC
Why Can't I see all 4Gb in 32bit Windows?
Computer Hardware General Troubleshooting
Swap Motherboards without reinstalling Windows
BIOS Flashing - Without Floppy drive
How to Type the Degree sign º - Other Alt codes

Intel: Processor Spec Finder - Enhanced Intel Speedstep [EIST] - Enhanced Halt State [C1E]
AMD: Technical Processor FAQ - Cool'n'Quiet
Dual Core or Quad Core - Gaming Benchmarks - Core i7 vs. Core 2 Quad vs. Phenom
AMD 7 Series chipset based motherboards - feature set information
Best CPU Coolers
Thermal Paste Application Methods - Heatpipe Direct Touch Coolers - Visual Comparison
Power Supplies
How Many Watts Do I Need? - Online Configurable PSU Wattage Calculator (includes overclocked CPUs and multiple expansion cards, fans etc.)
:Pics:, Description and Purposes of Power Supply Connectors
12v Amp ratings guide - List of PSU's and their 12A line ratings.
All you want to know about PSU's and more
How To: Actually Test your Voltages
Power on your PSU without a motherboard
Using Multiple PSU's in a single system
Intel Dual Channel, Single Channel, Asynchronous, Flex operation
Timings, Speeds etc.
Troubleshooting stability issues with four sticks / large amounts of RAM installed (DDR2 based)

Why is my >4Gb installed RAM not available in 32-bit Windows?
AMD Unganged Mode - 128-bit simultaneous read/write
Gator's AGP Aperature & IRQ sharing overview
Core i7 Overclocking 1 | 2
How To: AMD Phenom and AM2/AM2+ Overclocking Guide
AMD Overclocking Fundamentals : Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
Jarad's Overclocking Guide
How To: Basic Video Card Overclocking
How To: CPU's - Overclocking Athlon64's
Hard Drives
Why is my Hard Drive not showing the same capacity as the label? - Why did my HD capacity change now I'm running OS X Snow Leopard?
AHCI - What is it? How do I use it?
Solid State Disks (SSD) - Info
RAID arrays - descriptions & pics of different RAID levels and applications to use them for (i.e. Raid 0 - not for saving your family pics!)
What Sound Card?
X-Fi vs. Onboard Realtek - User Review & Discussion
What Do I need for HD Audio over HDMI with my Video Card - nVidia | ATI
Microsoft Windows XP Color Applet | Nokia Monitor Test | Spyder3Elite
Calibration Information - Profiles
Refresh Rates and LCD's
DVI: Analogue, Digital, Single Link, Dual Link

caveman-jim Dec 3, 2007 11:01 AM

Formatting of Links

Post a link in this thread to the Rage3D thread/post that has the information. If the info is from an external site, create an overview and link, like the Rage3D news posts. This is to permit on-topic discussion to be continued here at Rage3D easily.

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