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Android1 May 17, 2007 12:08 PM

Intel’s Desktop and Mobile 45nm Chips to Emerge in Q1 2008
Early next year, Intel's desktop processers get smaller with the release of Penryn, the 45nm revision of the Intel Core microarchitecture.

Intel Corp. will formally unveil its first 45nm processors for desktops and notebooks early next year, some sources familiar with the product roadmap of the world’s largest chipmaker have indicated. Production shipments of the chips will start late this year, hence, Intel Core 2 processors with improved performance will become available immediately following formal launch.

Even though Intel Corp.’s vice president Kirk Skaugen promised early this year that the first Intel Xeon processors produced using 45nm fabrication process will be available in H2 2007, desktop – Intel Core 2 Duo code-named Wolfdale and Intel Core 2 Quad code-named Yorkfield – processors as well as mobile – code-named Penryn – chips made using the same production technology will only be launched in Q1 2008, according to Intel’s roadmap.

Source: X-bit Labs

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