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adadk Aug 16, 2008 12:43 AM

CrossFireX problems - advice appreciated
Black screen when booting up when both my 4870 and 4870X2 are installed.
X2 booted up no problem. Recognized in CCC and all that. Installed the 8.7 hotfix, restarted. Shut down, popped in the 4870, connected the CF bridge.

Powered on, nothing. Disconnected CF bridge, plugged DVI into 4870, and once I got to my desktop, got a popup informing me that no ATI graphics drivers could be found. Reinstalled the 8.7's. Shut down.
Reattached CF bridge, but kept DVI connected to 4870. CCC CrossfireX diagnostics tells me the link is not properly connected.

Asus P5E (x38)
E8400 @ stock
4gigs Mushkin DDR2 PC8000
Vista 32bit
Antec Quattro 850W

Have i missed something somewhere?
This is my first time trying a multi-GPU setup so be gentle please. :D

Skinner Aug 16, 2008 07:30 AM

I aslo had a black screen, nog video signal, with two X2's after powering the pc. I switched to another connnector, the card in the second pcie slot and it worked. (I also adjusted some sw1 switches on the X2 to "on")

I don't know what this really is though?

adadk Aug 16, 2008 12:21 PM

Running just the X2, and with my CPU back to stock 3.0Ghz, i'm scoring less in Vantage.

3.6Ghz and single 4870 OC'd = P8112
3.0Ghz and 4870X2 = P7195

I need an aspirin already. :(

adadk Aug 16, 2008 01:32 PM

alright, so according to CCC I have CrossFireX enabled, however, i see a warning that says "Your system is not functioning at optimal performance. Please go to the Diagnostics page for a more detailed analysis." I go there, but all it says is "CrossFireX can now be enabled." I've rebooted multiple times but it still says the same thing.

DVI plugged into single 4870. No signal when plugged into the X2.

GPU-Z does tell me: Enabled (3 GPUs)

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