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grog Jul 13, 2002 06:03 PM

SPECViewperf 7.0
Running both the 6094 and 6118 drivers sets I have found the "USG01" test run for "SPECViewperf 7.0" appears to hang. Some rearch on the Web I did find someone who benchmarked the 8500 series and did not show the "USG01" results. Comment was it took over 7 hours per-render. All the other test runs are fine, but the "USG01" seems to be a problem. Be aware that killing the run is not possible. Had to hard reboot (power cycle) to stop the test.

"C:\Program Files\SPECopc\SPECViewperf 7.0\RunUGS01.bat"

Has anyone run this test?

The "SPECViewperf 7.0" is a fairly new test. Only "UGS01" causes a problem with the test run cases.

I can run "SPECViewperf 6.12" without a problem.

My specs:

DFI AK74-EC Motherboard - 1Ghz Socket A Athlon - 768MB RAM
ATI retail 8500DV
Intel Ethernet PRO 100
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live MP3+


EdTheSped Jul 13, 2002 07:40 PM

I have had this problem with every build. The hacked 8800 drivers do not hang though.

grog Jul 13, 2002 07:43 PM

Well I am glad this is not just me on this one. I can see the 8800 drivers working with this one. I will have to try SPECViewperf 7.0 with Linux now. I am running the 8800 version of the FIREGL drivers under Linux Redhat 7.3 on this system as well with my 8500DV card.



Originally posted by EdTheSped
I have had this problem with every build. The hacked 8800 drivers do not hang though.

KlaasBaas Jul 15, 2002 04:26 AM

So this problem still exists with the 8500 drivers.

Pitty, but indeed with the firgeGL 8800 drivers it runs
just fine. The 030 veriosn of the GL driver is the fastest.
The 035 is slower, the 036 i have not hacked/tested yet.

grog Jul 15, 2002 07:00 PM

More on SPECviewperf
Well I downloaded SPECViewperf for Linux as well. I was hoping to compare the 8800 FireGL driver results with the WinXP results for my ATI 8500DV card.

Darn thing does not compile for Linux.

Anyone running SPECviewperf v7.0 under Linux??


KlaasBaas Jul 16, 2002 06:12 AM

Not yet, my audio card is still not supported by Linux.
Coz philips does not give enough info for driver developers.

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