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pax Apr 26, 2021 09:43 PM

Sounds like another Battle Royale game but this one has a 60 to *9000* player capability on their servers apparently.

Id be happy with 200.



Scavengers' experimental ScavLab mode can support over 9,000 players in the same space.

Scavengers does the usual multiplayer thing pretty well. It's a unique spin on large scale competitive multiplayer, like battle royale meets a survival game meets Far Cry. For the rundown on what Scavengers is and why I think it could be a surprise multiplayer hit, check out my video preview.

But Scavengers also has an upcoming experimental multiplayer mode that I'm not even sure how to define. Developer Midwinter Entertainment is using Scavengers to play with multiplayer design at a scale like I've never seen. After my last preview round in the base game, I was invited to a weekend ScavLab test session, where over 1,700 live players joined the same game at once with thousands more virtual players waiting in the wings to see if we could burn it all down. Here's how it all went.

We don't play a traditional Scavengers match, where the population is limited to 60 players. I mean, it'd be a mess with this many people. Instead, we're talked through something like a theatrical event. It felt like the first day of summer camp, with a few giant test admins growing and shrinking at will, roaming the snowy mountainside.

Sundance Kid V2 Apr 27, 2021 03:55 AM

9000 lol.. i want to see that.

Silent-Runner Apr 27, 2021 04:37 AM

massive battles with building 'n stuff? Kinda reminds me of Savage: Battle for Newerth.

Trunks0 Apr 27, 2021 03:55 PM

Looks kinda awesome. Can't wait to try it.

But 9000 people lol. Only game I've played with thousands of people at once is PlanetSide 2. Which can do up to 2000 in a single game. Which on it's own gets crazy chaotic and that's with maps WAY larger than what I'm seeing in that video.

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