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GSGRUNT Dec 6, 2021 07:34 PM

zotac store woes (funny, not funny)
Ordered a refurbished mini PC with integrated GTX1070.
System arrived with tiny 3.42A @ 19.5V power brick.

I think to myself....hmmm A x V=watts. 3.42x19.5= 66 watts?

Google'd GTX 1070 TDP... 150Watts wtf.

Looks at bottom of miniPC.. says Input:19.5V---11.8A -> 230 watts.

Zotac Store sold and shipped a miniPC requiring 230 watts with a 66 watt power brick.:lol: :cry:

I posted a question on their support site asking if they would send me the correct power brick. No reply.

I called customer support. They said I needed to email.

Emailed... still waiting on reply.

KAC Dec 6, 2021 08:54 PM

I didn’t have an issue when I bought my RTX 3090 from them. Gays sent me game code plenty fast.

GSGRUNT Dec 9, 2021 06:40 AM

Two days later, Zotac Store replied to my email and said they sent out the correct power brick. Will take a week to get here. Not 100% confident it will be the correct one.:bleh:

[Update] Got the replacement. Correct wattage but wrong connector.:nuts:
Lesson learned.

[Update 2] After sending photos of power bricks, jacks and serial numbers, Zotac did end up 2 day shipping me the correct power brick.

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