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If the industry wasn't moving to "3d ready" displays would agree. It may be niche for early adopters but as time passes this may be important and grow.

This technology isn't about launch but years moving forward to me.

For this to grow:

1) Monitors evolve and improve and if many more monitors offer "3d ready" with pricing affordable. You have to remember movies and the entertainment sector is really looking at 3d now -- not just games.

2) Compatibility -- if titles don't work -- what's the point?

3) Quality -- if gamers don't receive a "WOW" factor and impressed by it -- what's the point?

4) Flexibility -- if gamers can't enjoy levels of 3d with single to Sli --- what's the point?

5) Pricing -- history teaches us pricing changes over time and for many reasons. Can see higher prices for early adopters but as time passes very affordable for many.

If done right -- this product may change the way gamers look at gaming. We talk 3d -- think we're seeing in 3d but in 2d. This is true 3d.

If it is a gimmick -- will fail. If it is quality -- may slowly succeed and help redefine gaming. There is only one way to find out -- by offering it and oh, so welcomed. Open minded and desire this to succeed and rock. This market didn't succeed in many cases in the past because there wasn't enough compatible and quality aspects and too expensive to boot.
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