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Originally Posted by Crawdaddy79 View Post
10 in the last 7 days. . (a PC with a folding GPU and CPU counts as two).

EDIT: That said, are you using a passkey and getting your bonus points? /Edit

For my big PC it will hit 1.3M points in a day on its own. If it wasn't for Pr 16435, I'd have posted 400k more points yesterday. Those WUs are destroying me running for three hours and coming up as BAD_WORK_UNIT, usually after a crash that I have to notice.

My laptop consistently brought in 400k PPD and ran at 95C for two months. Recently I lowered some settings that brought it down to 85C but sacrificed 150k PPD to do it.

Now that I've hit 50M points I will probably shut my laptop off in a couple of weeks and give it a big hug. I do need it for travel and I have lots of travel coming up in a few months. It's sitting on top of a high flow air filter but I'm sure it's still getting dust.

Then I have my Linux laptop with a Centrino CPU. It gets about 900 PPD. . Takes at least a day, sometimes two to fold a 755 base credit WU I leave it off mostly.
Pass key! Bonus points? news to me.
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