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Default IGN Resident Evil 0 Review

well, its not perfect, but when has a Resident Evil game ever been? still on my list of must haves.

Closing Comments
If you look at our review score, you might conclude that Resident Evil 0 is somehow vastly inferior to the remake. That's not exactly true.
For me, RE0 is really a solid survival horror update complete with beautiful graphics and a moody atmosphere, but it's also a game scarred by several gaping flaws, and I couldn't let that go again, not when Capcom could have easily corrected these issues by now. The game is still scary, and if that's good enough for you then don't bother reading the rest of my comments -- go now and pick it up. You won't be disappointed. But on the other hand, the control, especially with the "Type C" option removed, is clunky, robotic, and clashes with the pace of the game, which often requires quick and precise movements. Frankly, the play mechanics are outdated, and that really puts a hamper on the experience.

The same problems interrupted the pace of the remake. But the remake was essentially an update to a classic game that managed to inspire feelings of nostalgia and still scare the hell out of you. Now, though, we have a completely new outing with the same old problems. In fact, the control is worse and the puzzles are possibly even more stupefied. That's not cool.

If you can live with the drawbacks -- the same ones as always -- you'll probably grow to like or even love the latest in the Resident Evil series. If you're unwilling to brave bad control and poorly executed puzzles in search of the next big scare, though, you might want to rent this game before you get on the train for good.

-- Matt Casamassina

Frightening and realistic all around. Some of the menu work is sloppy. 9.0
Beautiful. Photo-realistic textures combine with amazing full motion animation backgrounds and foregrounds. Slick animation for monsters, but stiff for hero movement. Not full 3D for real camera. 9.0
Atmospheric. Nicely done all around. Capcom uses silence at times, too, to scare, which is brilliant. No DPLII support. 9.0
Still scary. Still fun, if you can forgive the clunky controls and stupid puzzles. But definitely dated. 7.0
Lasting Appeal
As usual, there are enough hidden goodies to keep coming back for more. 6.0
OVERALL SCORE (not an average) 8.2
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