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Originally Posted by AgentOtaku
I hope someday to procure these though....anyone who has them, can you tell me if its worth the money? Even if for nostalgia/collector's sake?
For Collector's sake ? Definitely.

I bought RE2 for the first time when I had my playstation, and ended up selling it, then I rebought a playstation a long while after and bought RE2 for the second time, as well as RE1, and don't regret it at all.

I personnally think RE2 is the best of the series. I used to finish it in under 2 hours easily...that's how much I played it.

I haven't played Re Zero (or whatever the name is) on the Gamecube though, but I doubt it would best the ps series.

The first, the second, and Code Veronica X are my favourites.
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