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Originally Posted by sumpwa View Post
I play at 1440x900 tops since its the preferred resolution of my widescreen monitor.

I don't care much for AA however I do care about AF, Polygons, and Big textures.

Currently I have 2 gigs of ram but soon I will upgrade to 4 aswell. I am running Windows 7 obviously which is why I am specifically asking about a DirectX 11 capable card.
How much will you spend? Jaggies aren't a big deal for you at that resolution? Hm, then, if you want good performance, and don't care for aa, then a 1gb 5770 or 1 gb 5830 is good for you. I meant 2 or 4 gb's of gpu ram, not ddr 2 or 3 motherboard ram. Going with anything higher would cost you $100+ overtop of the said cards I mentioned; so it's up to you.
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