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Joystick Battlefield 4 PC patch 4 fixes sound loop freeze, "kill trading", more

Another patch is out for the PC version of Battlefield 4. This time you get more major fixes: the ever-frustrating and popular sound loop freeze is now gone, "kill trading" is no longer a thing (previously "the time window where a bullet could cause damage from an already dead player" was miscalculated, and could result in false kills for the high latency player), and terrain flickering is eliminated.

There are plenty of non-technical changes, too (most notably, the SUAV is nerfed, and the revive screen bugs are mostly fixed), so if you're interested, hit the source.

SLI/Crossfire users will observe flickering and possibly missing textures/objects post-patch; I recommend you disable it until DICE has a fix out (next patch).

A small server patch (R16) has been released as well, containing more server crash fixes, "overall performance enhancements", and more.

Source: Battlelog

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