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Originally Posted by Hamidxa View Post

There was NO PS3 at E3 2005. In fact there was no UT on a PS3 at E3 '05. There were however PS3 dev kits, and guess what those dev kits were, PC's.

UE3 engine was first demoed on a PC. This is a fact.
Furthermore, here is the first time it was ever demoed:
Here are all of the available Unreal Engine 3 PC screenshots. You can sort these Unreal Engine 3 screens by Latest, to see the most recent screens first, or by Highest Rated, to see all of the best screens first.
Thu Mar 10 00:22:32 PST 2005

Remember those?
Those were for a PC demonstration taken back in March of 05, as a means to show off the SM3.0 and DX9 features of the engine.

And of course they have made the engine multi-platform, but when was the last time one of their engines has not been as such?

Furthermore, UT2007, as my source above proves, was first announced to be in development for a PC.

It bares reminding:
Though Midway has yet to announce anything more than a PC version of the game, it's a common assumption that the game will make its way to both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 as well.
Yeah it was developed for/on PCs. When the project was started, the consoles were no were near where they are now in terms of capability, and building the new engine to an xbox's specs or a gamecube's specs would have been stupid.

They first demo'd it on PCs because they were the only things (publicly announced and in production) which could come close to demonstrating the engine... I remember a dev saying that the latest compy with the 6800 Ultra (best of it's time) on the unoptimized engine could pump 5-6 fps, and that was considered good. With no 360 and no PS3, there simply was no chance to have them in mind when first starting work on the engine.

That being said, Epic has a history of making their Unreal engines extremely multiplatform, variations of UE2.5 made it's way to all 3 last gen consoles, PCs, Macs, and Linux machines.... in fact Epic made games for everything but the PS2 and the GC if I remember correctly. So they had consoles in mind, and probably inquired into what MS, Sony, and Nintendo would be putting out in the coming years to get an idea of where they could use their products, there is no doubt this was considered in development, especially considering several UE3 games are already out on consoles.

And finally, the dev kit argument really doesn't mean anything. Every modern console can fully be called a computer, and since consoles generally lack storage space and IO/Debug options (intentionally of course) you need a modified console or a computer with similarly performing hardware.... this is how ALL development is done on dev kit machines.... that's just the way it is and I don't think it should count as being programmed for a PC just because of it.
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