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Originally Posted by SubCog View Post
Alright, not sure I made it through the whole game, but here's my initial feedback:
  • Too dark. Dark can be good for atmosphere, but it's too hard to navigate around the environment, especially in large open spaces. There's one room that has alot of areas that are cliffs, so visibility distance is a gameplay problem there. Also, having to walk all the way to the edge of a large room just to know that there's a wall on the perimeter. I recommend increasing the range of your torchlight by quite a bit, as well as adding additional lights around perimeters of large rooms. Also, the Quest2 LCD screen is not really great for super dark scenes (The Quest1 screen would be alot better). Aesthetically, I'd recommend having some mix of light & dark for contrast in every scene, just to make the graphics pop a bit. The latest Doom games do a good job with achieving a dark atmospheric look, without actually being overly dark.
  • Framerate is an issue. I'm sure you expect to optimize framerate later.
  • The pointer-rays that you can use to pick up items is a bit janky. Consider making them more forgiving... increase the collision cone size to make them show up?
  • Items seem to only have a single place/angle to hold them. The spear was especially awkward.
  • At one point I found a metal torch on the wall and expected to be able to take it as an upgrade over my wooden torch, but it wasn't interactive.
  • I found 3 kinds of enemies. Crawling spiders, a ceiling spider, and a troll. There wasn't really any feedback when they attacked me, or when I attacked them, so it felt very sudden and unexpected with they died or i died. I also wasn't sure which items I could hit them with to do any damage. I died several times trying to hit the ceiling spider with a stick, and eventually killed it with a spear.
  • Not sure what the treasure was for. I killed everything before I picked up any treasure, so at least I didn't lose any when I died.
  • I could teleport through some of the doors.
  • In the cliff-room, I walked down the stairs to the forcefield. I wasn't sure whether there was an objective somewhere I needed to complete to open the forcefield, but I was able to walk through it, and then I died. Wasn't sure what I was supposed to do.
thanks SubCog, this is a very early version v1.00 as I just started this a couple months ago, appreciate your feedback, thank you!

Most of the stuff you mention I think I can fix fairly quickly, I like your idea about looking at recent Doom games to make it look dark but still not be frustrating... I personally like the dark atmosphere but can see how others could find it frustrating...

The spear is meant to be thrown from over your shoulder... when working on stuff I get too close and miss communicating things I take for granted... thanks...

Yeah, the melee fighting system is tough, been struggling with that, I’m not sure of a great feedback system, maybe blood splatters or flashing the screen red… know of any great VR melee fighting experiences?

As for the bottom of the stairs, that's a puzzle area, there's a solution in the spoiler at top of this thread…

The treasure is a placeholder for now, I need to implement a health and money system

yeah, maybe I should make all torches interactable, that's not that hard to do... hmm...

At some point I would like to upload to Sidequest and get more user feedback and I need to partner or hire an artist as some point...

I'm currently working on a menu system, roughing something in for now....

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