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Default Video Card Issue

So recently my screen has been going blank. Basically, ill be watching a video or something and then the hole screen freezes (not the mouse, but the video and other animations). Then the screen goes blank and the audio turns back on. The only thing I can do is restart at that point.

My voltages seem fine, I reset my overclock to default clocks, my video card hasn't been overclocked for a while. My computer really doesn't seem too hot. It might be a little hotter since I put the side of the case back on. Trying to make it not so noisy, damn x1900xt is LOUD!

The only other thing is I did air spray it like a week ago, get all the dust out. Everything should be in tip top shape. If its my video card I want to RMA it before it's to late.
System: AMD X2 4400+ Toledo (89w) running at 2.6ghz, x1900xt 512mb, Abit AT8 32x, TDK 8x DVD Burner, Samsung 16x DVD-ROM, 250 GB Western Digital SE, 40 GB Western Digital, Audigy 2 ZS, Speedlink 5.1 headset, Thermaltake Lanfire case.
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