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Ok so I got the new cooler and installed it.

First thing that went wrong, my XP boot wouldn't go up. Now im getting worried I fried my $400 dollar card, so I load up my Vista install just to check. Run some Doom3 and some problems.

Ok so the card isn't the issue. Well I had to reinstall XP anyways because I am getting Vista soon and wanted to have Vista for my SATA drive. So I load up XP, no problems. So then I gotta download all the new patches, directx 9, go find my mobo disk because XP doesn't have native support for my network chip, spend about 3 hours getting everything up and running.

What a pain.

But it loads at about 75 degrees and idle at about 46-48. This is with full 3d clocks running and GPU folding. Generally that takes my card to the hottest. But the BIGGEST improvement is the noise! Oh its so much quieter then my old one. Its still loud at full speed, but easily half the noise of the old cooler. Also if I turn it all the way down is just about silent, but id rather have it up to keep the temps down. It cools my whole case down another few degrees.

No digital camera, so no pics, but this cooler is a must buy if you have heating and sound issues.
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