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The IGN article quotes someone saying that the delay is because of anti-piracy mesures being finalized on Blue Ray.

Their is no such thing as anti-piracy. Xbox users already use thier Xbox to rip games and FTP it to a computer which they can either burn it as an ISO or play if off a hard drive.

The samething will happen for PS3. Mod-chips, software exploits, or disk-swaping. There is no method that pirates will not use. This is common knowlege to the development team. It just a mater of time before games get cracked.

More of just an excuse, rather than the real reason. I beileive the real reason is cost. The PS3 is just costing to much to masproduce for the price point they are aiming for. Sony is probably overhauling their factories to stream line PS3 production and heighten yeilds as well as reduce cost in the long run.
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