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Originally Posted by Skynet
The concept is great, and has the potential to push the format to a critical mass of acceptance. But it has to succeed, or Sony has another Betamax on their hands. You'd think of all the companies out there, Sony would understand the risks of pushing an unproven format, especially in the face of serious competition.
Except that unlike beta-max, even if blu-ray fails as a movie format, that doesn't have an impact on PS3 games. We've used proprietary media on game consoles in the past - Nintendo's cartridges, Sega's GD-roms, and now even Sony's UMDs. Knowing that history, what makes simply having Blu-ray so bad for a gaming console? Everyone acts as if Sony will somehow decide not to utilize the extra space blu-ray offers for better textures, hd cinematics, and so on, if blu-ray ends up failing as a movie format. I don't see that happening. Of course Sony would want blu-ray to succeed, and they have confidence that it can succeed since they are willing to delay the PS3 for it, but I don't think whatever happens to blu-ray will have much of an impact on the PS3. As for the delay itself, it's not going to have much of an impact at this point. First of all, this delay was announced for Japan only, we don't even know when the system was supposed to have launched in America. Will this delay hurt them in terms of sales? Not much, in Japan at least, I'm afraid. Microsoft is a nonissue over there, and we still have yet to see what Nintendo's offering at launch for the Revolution. Hell, now the Rev and PS3 will be launching at about the same time, so Nintendo may see their launch overshadowed by Sony's. In America, it's really up to what Microsoft can do from now until the PS3 is released. I own a 360, and I do like it, but I can see why many people might have chosen to wait it out. They need stronger titles. Sure, Ghost Recon and Oblivion may be good, but what else does Microsoft have? I think they need more diversity in their lineup, but that may just be me. The biggest thing they need is to end this ridiculous hardware shortage. It's been four months since launch, and people still can't find 360's anywhere. Microsoft might have more time alone in the next-gen market, but what good is that gonna do them if they don't have systems to sell? The more people wait, the less inclined they are going to be to buy a 360. Also, what do you all think PS3 devs are doing with their games right now, while Sony figures out the blu-ray problem? All I can say is that we might see a lot more polished PS3 games by the time the system launches. And I don't mean Untold Legends. That was a piece of crap on the PSP as well, so I don't imagine it being any different on the PS3. I'm talking about games like Metal Gear Solid 4, Devil May Cry 4, and maybe even Fatal Frame 4.
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