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Originally Posted by Oui
You fail to understand that if they ship a box that says playstation on it and plays blueray discs then blueray wins because people will almost buy PS3s based on the name alone and thus blueray market share jumps tenfold.

Could of been a different situation had MS launched with HD-DVD drive and lets face it whos gonna buy a stupid addon drive for their 360.

However this is all fine because blueray is the superior format and deserves to win whether you like sony or not.
Betamax was superior to VHS and VHS still won in the the public mind by having broader acceptance. The superior tech does not always win and given the higher costs of the players and media compared to HD-DVD will be prohibitive to get the mass acceptance they need.

Enthusiasts buy the best tech bar none, but the common person buys what is most affordable for them and if they see HD-DVD and Blu-Ray next to each other they will go with the most cost effective solution and that is where HD-DVD wins. They both play HD content but which one is more affordable is the question most people ask themselves.
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