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Radeon R300
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bass_machine is still being judged by the masses


I love that new Antec case! But... you need a monitor!
CPU: P4 2.53ghz w/Cooler Master IHC-L71 MEM: KHX2700/512 MOBO: ASUS P4PE HDD: WD80SE/8mb & Maxtor 60/7200 CASE: Chieftec DX-01BLD-U/330w Antec True Power VID: ATI 9800 Pro 128mb / Cat 3.7 SND: Audigy / Z560 /Behringer HPX-2000 MISC: Logi Elite, MX700, Everglide Gaming Mat (3D'03-5572 - 3D'01-15,119 - AquaM3 - 37,946) LG GCC-4520B/mitsumi combo fdd WinXP Home/Mandrake 9.1 / XBOX Controller Mod
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