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Originally posted by Akumajo
Um I am currently using driver version and previously had 3058 installed in my system with my Fire GL 8800 128MB

I get my drivers from the Hewlet Packard site and also from a German card dealer's site where they usually get them first.

They also have official Bios releases that eliminate compatability issues like for example my old 102 bios if used on newer Intel chipset motherboards, would get issues, with the new 115A, not only does my clocks get naturaly raised and the card is made able to be used in newer chipset, but performance in both games and Content Creation programs increases as well to much more stabler levels, specially when used with ATI's Control Panel software.

I just wish ATI would be more informative about this.
cool, thnx for the heads up

Ya see the thing is i just dont have time to **** about flashing BIOS's and upgrading drivers because its my work machine and if something doesnt work properly (at work) we buy in something that does because time is money and deadlines are always tight. However if its my home (gaming) machine that has an issue ive got all the time in the world to chat, discuss, flash BIOS's, update drivers, tweak, fiddle etc until i find a solution.

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