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Originally Posted by Crawdaddy79 View Post
The 1.5M PPD work units I used to get are now non-existent. For the last month or so, getting a mix of 900k and 1.2M PPD work units. I just keep waiting for winter to show up so that my warm basement can be welcome.
Its here for us for the most part. Its not 85-100F anymore. lol

Admittedly, as much as I wish my Vega 64 were stable and I didn't have to return it, the heat that thing put out was an order of magnitude higher than the 5700XT. I suspect the only reason my basement were bearable in the past was because it kept crashing.
I can relate. My room heats up fast with mine while gaming/folding. But in the winter, it helps heat my home so doesn't bother me.

Loser-P has woken from being dormant and picked up the folding habit, roughly two days before I was to overtake. That is adding another 2.5M PPD to our stats, and helped us tough 33M points in one day (yesterday) as a team - the highest I've seen.
Yea. Seen that. Glad he's back in the fold though.
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