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Default Re: Un-installing Nvidia drivers and installing ATI drivers?

Originally posted by Mike89
I have a Ti4600. Will have an ATI 9800 Pro pretty quick. I have never had an ATI card before.

Anyone who had made the transition from Nvidia to ATI, I would like to know the step by step methods you used from un-installing the Nvidia drivers to installing the ATI drivers. Don't leave anything out. I want to make sure I get this right. And I'm not going to listen to anyone who tells me to clean install Windows again. Ain't gonna do it!
Ahhhh, that is the same thing I said! I used Driver Cleaner too and still had problems switching out my GF3 to a 9700 Pro. It is worth a try. I gave in and ended up doing a re-install of XP.

Good luck!
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